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S.S. Kyarra at war as a hospital ship




1 of Kyarras 3 boilers. © C. Roberts.

KYARRA. 50 34.90N; 01 56.59W. 20 minutes from Swanage Pier and three quarters of a mile off Anvil Point. Torpedoed in 1918, she now lies in 30m. A large wreck at 415 feet long, rising approximately 10m above the seabed at the stern. Although well broken, large sections of the wreck are intact and in good visibility. she makes for a spectacular dive. Well worth several dives. Diving the Kyarra

N.B. More information on the Kyarra can be found at www.sskyarra.com

BETSY ANNA. 50 37 00N; 01 48 86W. At 206 feet long, 880 tons, this steam ship sank whilst under tow in bad weather in 1926. She is lying upright in 24m of water, approximately 5 miles East of Swanage. Although upright, she is well broken, with her boilers and bow section her most prominent features. The bows rise approximately 4m from the bottom. Divernet wreck tour

50. 37.4N 01 56.0W. Just ten minutes from the pier and within Swanage Bay, this wreck can be dived at most states of the tide. Being of wooden construction, she is now quite badly broken. At a depth of 13m and on her starboard side, the abundant marine life makes for an easy and interesting dive.

AEOLIAN SKY. 50 30.55N; 02 08.33W. 16,000 ton general cargo ship, sunk 5 miles off St. Aldhelm's Head on 4th November 1979. This huge wreck now lies on it's port side with the stern superstructure standing approximately 10m. proud of the seabed. Although largely intact, she is very broken and twisted.
Divernet wreck tour.

CARENTAN. 50 34.95N; 01 56.18W. French submarine chaser (Chasseur No. 5) Capsized on 21st December 1943 in a S.W. storm. Only 6 of her crew of 23 were saved. Also 20 minutes from the pier and close to the Kyarra, she is now lying in 32m. Approximately 120 feet long, she is now very badly broken and does not stand very proud, perhaps only 2-3m. Diving the Carentan.

FUEL BARGE. 50 33.51N; 01 57.47W. This small wreck sits upright and intact in 36m and has the appearance of a landing craft about her.
HMS Carentan
Castle Reagh or the Firth Fisher FIRTH FISHER. 50 34.82N; 01 56.10W. 168 foot cargo steamer. She now lies in 37m, is upright and quite intact. She is quite buried towards the bows but the max. depth of 37m can be found where her propeller used to be. Diving the Firth Fisher.
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SS Aparima


PEVERIL LEDGES These rock ledges can either be dived across The Inner Ledge where depths range from 12m to 18m. or the Outer Ledge where depths range from about 24m to 30m. It is possible to get 34m briefly in some areas. This is known locally as The Well. It is possible to do this dive without the possibility of going into it.

OLD HARRY. Depending on the tides a pleasant drift can be had either towards Old Harry coming from Swanage Bay or from Old Harry towards Swanage. Look out for flat fish, gurnard, undulate rays, dogfish even smooth hounds. As this area of the coastline was used for target practice during WW2, brass aircraft shells can sometimes be found.

ANVIL POINT LIGHTHOUSE. Close inshore this site has large rocks and boulders providing hiding places for crabs and lobsters. As long as you stay close inshore you won't drift very much at all in depths of around 10m. If you do want a drift dive get your boat skipper to put you in further out in about 16m and depending on the tides, enjoy the ride.

Anvil Point lighthouse.
Valentine tank gun. © C. Roberts.

Valentine Tank gun. © C. Roberts.
Cathedral Rays © C. Roberts.

SWANAGE PIER. This classic south coast dive can still provide plenty to see, and can be dived at any state of the tide. In the summer months the pier legs are completely covered with invertebrate life. Sea squirts, sponges, hydroids, anemones not to mention the hundreds of Tom Pot blennies, gobies, wrasse, sea bass, john dories, crabs, lobsters, squat lobsters, cuttle fish, squid, we even see the odd trigger fish. Please click here to see Andy Bennett's Swanage Pier pictures.

TANVILLE LEDGES. Located in the middle of Swanage Bay and only minutes from the pier this is a shallow dive, approximately 9-10m. The rocky outcrops provide shelter for marine animals and plants. This is a perfect place for new divers to explore.

SWANAGE OLD PIER. Just a short swim from the new pier is the old pier. Although the decking is no longer there and the marine life is not so abundant, it is always worth a look amongst the rocks and weed around the old pier legs. Old bottles, clay pipes and old coins are amongst the things that have been found.
Old Pier early morning dive.

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