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Obviously it is very difficult to keep a web site updated with diving conditions, but if you are coming to Swanage and would like up to date information please don't hesitate to contact us.
During the diving season, I do try to post on the home page what the vis is like, both on the pier and further off shore.

Cathedral Rays © C. Roberts.

The water temperature is around 18-20 degrees C in the sea at Swanage during the summer.

We dive throughout the year so if you have a dry suit and would like to join us, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Maybe you would like to train to use a dry suit. The course includes pool training and 2 Open water dives. Some sizes of suit available for hire if required.

If you would ever like to join us, please get in touch during the week, we will do our best to find someone you can dive with.



Ideally situated on the Dorset coast, Swanage Bay faces eastward and is protected from the prevailing southwesterly winds of the English Channel. The bay sits between Old Harry Rocks to the north and Peveril Point marks the southern end.

Extending out into the bay for over 150 metres the wooden pier structure provides shelter, whist the ebb and flood of the tides bring nutrients to the many varieties of marine plants and animals. Different marine organisms require different habitats and the pier has become home to hundreds of them. Summer months bring John Dories, cuttlefish, bass, grey mullet; we even see the occasional trigger fish! Our famous Tom Pot blennies scuttle around everywhere, their wide eyes watching divers as they make their tour of this fascinating dive site.

With just a maximum depth of 5 metres under the pier, it is no wonder that so many novices begin their underwater careers here before venturing further off shore to experience more challenging dives. Whenever you are ready, the dive boats that operate from the pier are ready and waiting to take you to some of them. Drift across Peveril Ledges looking for lobsters, or maybe take a trip to the wreck of the Fleur de Lys, off Old Harry and when you are ready for it the one they all want to dive, the Kyarra! The dive boats can have you on the shot line in less than half an hour from the pier. Torpedoed in 1918, she just failed to survive the First World War. She went to her final resting place just 30 metres below the sea, 2 miles off Anvil Point. Just like the pier, she makes for a fascinating dive and in a DIVER magazine survey she was voted one of the best wreck dives in Britain.

Then after the excitement of the Kyarra, there will always be Swanage Pier for a nice easy shallow second dive.

Remember, wherever you choose to dive, have fun and stay safe.

Good diving!

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